Kinokami Lite _for inkjet printer_Two sided Wooden_A4_100 sheets

Kinokami Lite _for inkjet printer_Two sided Wooden_A4_100 sheets


Item description

The light version of Kinokami for inkjet printers is now available with attracted/reasonable price.

This is a Printer paper made of wood using native Japanese tree called hinoki cypress and put a paper and a slice of wooden material together.

It still has the natural wooden texture, also the faint aroma of timber.

The natural wooden material gives special feauters: warmth and luxuary that only Kinokami can provide.

The grain of Kinokami differs individually.

It can print by inkjet printer.

※Comparing to Premium Kinokami for inkjet printers, a few smudges may occur when printing.

[Printing correspondence/Both sides]

Inkjet printing ○ Laser printing×

On demand printing × Offset printing×

※◎:printable、○:A little blurs、×:unprintable

*Kinokami can be jammed in a printer. Paper jams can be prevented by loading a piece of Kinokami individually.

*Please be aware that smudging may occur when printing.

*The print quality can differ depending on the model and ink. At first, a sample print is higly recommended.

【Product Details】
Tradename : Kinokami Lite for inkjet printer
Material : Two sided Wooden type
Grain direction : Parallel to the paper long side
Sheet Size : A4 (8.3"×11.7"× .016” )
Count : 100sheets /Pack

「木の紙(両面木)」インクジェット用ライト A410枚入り
ライト版は※ インクジェットプリンター用に表面を加工しており、木の色味がやや黄色くなります。
○ 国産間伐材を薄くスライスして上質紙と貼りあわせた木の印刷用シートです。
○ ほのかな樹の香りを楽しめます。
○ 木目調をプリントしたものと違い、樹本来の質感があります。
○ 1枚ごとに木目が異なります